Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The best bit of the holiday so far ...

I have to say I've had a fantastic holiday so far. It's been tiring but exciting and interesting and scary all rolled into less than a fortnight. Every single day has been brilliant but today, the best thing ever happened. No it wasn't hoisting the Saltire above the St Andrew's Hotel but I will definitely blog on that with photos and youtube link later because it was a pretty moving event and very special.

It wasn't anything to do with Sri Lanka, it was getting the news from my amazing niece Christie that she got her Higher results and she got A for French, A for Spanish, B for English and B for psychology. It's all the more amazing if I tell you that just over a year ago, she was only planning to sit 2 Highers because she didn't know you needed more than that to get into Uni. She had a vague plan of what she wanted to do (languages degree) but her school had no idea at all and were quite happily letting her just do 2 Highers.

Anyway fast forward, she left school, went to the James Watt college in Greenock, TAUGHT HERSELF the basics of Spanish (because her school refused to let her do Standard Grade), focussed herself completely on the task in hand, and now it's paid off. She has impressed me so much with her determination and I am so happy for her. Her aim is to live and work in Spain or France for the next year in order to become fluent in one of those languages and then study Mandarin at Edinburgh University the following year. It's a tough course to get into but I have a funny feeling she'll get there.

So that's it. In an amazing fortnight where I've experienced so many things I never ever expected to, the highlight has been hearing her news today. I think it's probably just as well I don't have kids of my own - I'd be dancing through the streets of Colombo telling anyone who'd listen! I'll stick to being an ecstatically happy Auntie I think!

I wonder if I could put out a press release about this ...

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