Friday, 18 December 2009

Precious and the Polis!


Before you read this post, here is a comment from Fiona on Facebook after she read it this morning.

"right ...thats me greetin and it only gone 11.10 in the a disclaimer!!!!"

You have been warned ...

I DO write about other things apart from the fight to save Florence and Precious Mhango from deportation. And now that they're home (for the moment) I'm sure I'll be writing about LOTS of other matters. But I really want to share a wee story with you.Last night, as we waited for Florence and Precious to come off the train at half past midnight, we all went through a range of emotions. Seeing Precious' smiling face as she pulled her wee suitcase behind her was, as Esther (who works with me and has put so much energy into this campaign) would say (and, seeing as she was there at Queen St Station, actually DID say) nothing short of AWESOME!

But the thing that had me struggling to hold back the tears was a very simple gesture from a Glasgow polis who was passing the station as we unloaded everyone into the waiting car. He'd obviously read about them and recognised them and he came up to Precious and just said "is that you home then Hen?". She smiled up at him shyly and nodded her head. And he touched her arm and said "well it's great to have you back home, we're not all bad you know".

The photo was taken by Esther Sassaman (thanks Esther) and shows us with Chris Mercer who is probably the best friend they will ever have, but more on that another day!

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  1. This is too much!

    It's xmas and what a brilliant story and great result to celebrate the festivities with.

    I'm sorry there is not much more I can do for anyone besides make blog comments and pester government ministers, MPs and MSPs and the like - but I always try to do what I can and give the benefit of any doubt to those I try to help.

    All the best Indygal and the gang!