Monday, 14 December 2009

Precious is one of us

In trying to distract Precious (Mhango, aged 10, detained for 27 days now) from her current situation I asked if she was going to watch the X Factor final. She said yes because she loves Stacey. I told her I thought Joe would win but she was having none of it. So I bet her a fiver he would. OK I know gambling is not something you encourage kids to do and I wasn't being serious, it was just a wee joke. But she texted me on Sunday night saying "it's me, Precious" and "you've won and I owe you five pounds".

I told her I'd have to work extra hard to get her out so that I got my money but if we were successful how about I take her to see the X Factor tour. I don't WANT to see it obviously, I'm far too cool, but I don't mind doing it for her :-(

Anyway she said she would be "over the moon" if she got to stay and she would love to see Stacey on the X Factor tour. It's just so hard to hear her talk on the one hand about what she's going through being locked up not knowing if she'll ever see her friends again and on the other hand talking like any other normal wee kid about things like the X factor. She's not the only one who would be over the moon if she got to see the X factor live - and it's got nothing to do with whoever is singing!

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