Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas in Greenock

I've had a great Christmas. Saw all my family, even had my youngest sis and her husband and gorgeous 3 year old Toby staying for a few days. My best bit was Christmas Eve. My sister and I had decided to go to the Christmas Eve service at the Mid Kirk in Greenock. We are huge fans of the Reverend Alan Sorensen and he did not disappoint - I particularly liked the bit when he thrust a microphone at me and asked me "what's wrong with the world today?"!

However we were slightly late arriving and the huge wooden doors were shut. Christie, my 17 year old niece said there was "no way" she was going in late "because they'll all turn round and stare at us". I assured her that they would be far too busy listening or singing and that nobody would even notice.

However I'd forgotten how informal Alan Sorensen is and as we stood there at the back looking for a seat, he stopped mid flow and broke off to say "hello you three, glad you could make it, take a seat anywhere" at which point the entire congregation "turned round and stared at us"! Oops. Still her face was a picture and the service was brilliant!

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