Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A brilliant place to buy your Christmas tree

Everyone got their Christmas tree? Nope, course you haven't because it's not yet time to put them up - 12 days before people, not a month before. However, that time will be upon us soon and you have only TWO DAYS LEFT to do something that will get you your tree but leave you feeling like you're not one of them what thinks Christmas is all about materialism.

You can buy your tree from www.caringchristmastrees.com. It's a needle-last tree which I assume means not much mess, it's REAL which means it will SMELL like Christmas. And the money goes to Impact Arts based in Dennistoun which means you will be spending money helping vulnerable young people.

Go on, you need a tree anyway so what difference does it make to you? It'll make a huge difference to the young people Impact Arts works with. And that's what Christmas is all about surely - being nice to other folk to make us feel better about the money we're wasting on unwanted gifts and the amount of food and drink we knock back or worse, WASTE while others starve.

Cynical? Maybe about some things but definitely not about Impact Arts so go to www.caringchristmastrees.com and help make our communities a bit better for everyone.

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