Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shhh, don't tell anyone you're Scottish

It's easy to forget how pernicious the Tory Party really can be when they're not in power and are nowhere near getting into power. That's certainly been the case in Scotland for a long time although as we're shackled to the UK for now, if England does as expected and votes Tory next year, we'll be lumbered with them again.

As I say, it's all too easy to forget what they're like and simply see them in the same way that you see your right wing old auntie - lost cause but good for entertainment.

Then they come up with crap like this! For those who can't be bothered reading it (and who can blame you?) Alex Salmond is being attacked because his official Christmas Card has an image of a girl carrying a Saltire.


How dare SCOTLAND'S First Minister send Christmas cards with SCOTLAND'S FLAG on them! He should hang his head in shame, he should hide the fact that he is Scottish, that it's Scotland he's First Minister of. In fact, he should send the cards from "First Minister of Unnamed Country numero 20" (where we tend to hover in the economic league tables thanks to successive Unionist parties)!

The accusation is that our First Minister is POLITICISING Christmas. So even acknowledging that we are Scottish is out of bounds now. They must be preparing the way for taking power next year and how long will it be before they're imposing experimental policies (remember the poll tax) on Scotland and using us as guinea pigs again? Let's not EVER forget who they really are. And lashing out at fellow Scots for daring to use a Saltire is just the start of it.


  1. I haven't read the Torygraph, but the Robbie Dumbdoodie in the HeraldScotland is a hoot -

    HeraldScotland is a foreign-owned corporate newspaper website with 'Scotland' in its title - does this mean it is also pandering to Scottish stalinists and Scottish nazis, in the same it claims First Minister Alex Salmond is, when he includes an artistic representation of the Saltire in his xmas postcard?

    Maybe the Herald should start to call itself HeraldBrit-spin as that is all that seems to animate it these days, as its circulation figures head ever downwards into oblivion.

    I can't imagine the same synthetic furore if the the self-stlyed 'British' Prime Minster Gordon Brown were to include a union jack in his xmas correspondance. I'm sure the Robbie Deadwoodites would be falling over themselves with lavish praise at such a noble patriotic gesture etc etc.

    Talk about stalinism. Orwell would be impressed at the victim being accused of the very crimes their accusers are guilty of.

    all the best Indygal

  2. To expand on what joe90 kane said, where else in the world would you get politicians objecting to putting the national flag on a Christmas Card?

    What's interesting is to think about why they don't like the Saltire rather than trying to make sense of their objections.

    It's an acknowledgment that the Saltire is not their flag and now belongs to the SNP by default as it is the only Scottish Party in the Parliament except for the Greens.

    If Alex had put the SNP symbol on a card then you would understand their complaints that he is, "politicising", the card by placing a purely party political image on it however they now regard the Saltire as an SNP symbol.

    They object to the Saltire because they have no sense of belonging when they see it. For them it is a symbol of what they don't like, Scottishness.

    It's an admission that despite Murphy and Gray wrapping themselves in the Saltire at the last Labour Conference they hate what the flag stands for and regard it as an enemy symbol and something that should not be used on Government issued cards as it now only represents the SNP in the eyes of the electorate.

    These objections by the LibLabCons are an admission that they've lost the Saltire to the SNP.

  3. Yes Anne, it's the old song 'Keep Scotland Invisible'! Lord Foulkes couldn't even face the thought of the saltire appearing on Scotland's trains. I think these stories serve a useful purpose however as it reminds the public of just how afraid of any representation of Scotland Labour and the Tories really are. Yes they will occasionally pretend at a party CON-ference that they are proud of Scotland's flag but the reality is very different!

  4. Spot on Anne. Can't think what other flag the First Minister of Scotland would have on his Christmas cards.