Thursday, 17 December 2009

Precious and her mum have been released

I am shocked, stunned and delighted to tell you that this little girl, ten year old Precious Mhango and her mum Florence are tonight on their way back to Glasgow. Those of you following the story will know that they have spent the last month detained in an Immigration Removal Centre, locked up without having committed a crime. Late this afternoon the staff at Yarlswood told Florence to get her bags packed, she was being released.

She then started to panic and thought they were trying to trick her. Understandable given what's happened to them recently. But the latest text I got from her was "They've let me go, I'm coming back to Glasgow, I am so happy". I spoke to Precious very briefly and she can hardly believe it.

It seems that their judicial review will be heard next year, not expedited as the home office would wish but right now it's unclear if a high court judge made that decision or if the home office dropped their objections. Certainly I've had no reply to my plea to Alan Johnson the Home Secretary to do exactly that - but who knows?

The important thing is they're coming home to Glasgow. The rest we can worry about another day. Sometimes I love my job :-)


  1. You'll maybe let this comment reach the light of day. Good on yourself and all others who have spent time and effort on this.

  2. Thank you!! Why? Have you been sending comments that I've not published?

  3. Hi Indygal I have made comments before and I now see that one did get through in the past, maybe there has a been a time delay which I haven't fully appreciated. Seasons greetings to you all and a free Scotland in the not to distant future.

  4. Thank you - and to you CH :-)

    I moderate my comments but there are very few I don't put up. Having said that I'm supposed to get an email alert when one is submitted and one day I went into "comments" and there were 24 that I'd no idea about! Anyway have a good Christmas and New Year. Anne

  5. Congratulations, Anne, for your role in this. A nation should be judged by the way it treats the weakest and most vulnerable. Have a fabulous Christmas and 2010. Warmest wishes Eric x