Saturday, 25 April 2009

Parliamentary Committees - things to remember part one

One part of my job as an MSP is to serve on the parliamentary committees and I have two. I’m on Public Audit and Public Petitions. I love it, really love my committees but for some reason, I’ve actually found it more difficult to get used to being in a committee meeting than speaking in the chamber. I find it a little disconcerting and I think it’s because the TV cameras film the entire meeting and you just never know when they’re on you. Of course I forget from time to time. I will hereby make a confession. I was in committee one day (I’m not telling you which because that would narrow down the field) and one of my fellow members was, I felt, taking a bit longer to speak than necessary. You know how some folk will say the same thing three different ways because they seem to have an aversion to being succinct (men usually). Well this particular MSP was doing exactly that one day.

And you know how sometimes you mentally will somebody to speed up? Well, when I do that, I cannot help but have the facial expressions and the actions to go with it. Must be all that drama training. So I was doing that “get on with it” face and had hand actions to match (obviously not so that he could see me) when I suddenly became aware of a TV camera swinging round to my position!! Now, generally speaking, the camera shows the person speaking but who knows what the camera operators will do if they get bored with the repetition too. I’m sure it didn’t show me but not sure enough to stop being paranoid about it happening. So for now, I’m on my best behaviour lest I get told off again!

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