Sunday, 19 April 2009

Pure dead embarrassing

Last week I flew from Prestwick Airport to Spain with my niece Christie who was absolutely horrified by the slogan that adorns the airport. "Pure Dead Brilliant" is how it describes itself and whilst I found it mildly amusing and expected that at 16, she'd LOVE it, she was cringing with embarrassment. And it's not that she's against people speaking in colloquialisms - in fact she's strongly in favour of reviving the Scots language and does not tolerate being told not to speak in "slang".

But according to her "Pure Dead Brilliant" is "pure dead mortifying" and degrades Scotland. Her words were "it's NEDDISH and I can use that word because I'm young"! There you go then. What you think will appeal to young folk doesn't always. I just wonder if it appeals to tourists.

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  1. I really can't decide which is worse - "Pure dead brilliant" or "The best small country in the world". I think "pure dead brilliant" might just edge it on the 'down wiv da kidz' nature of it.