Sunday, 25 July 2010

Don't let them take her baby away

I've been feeling a bit down today because I'm missing Florence and Precious. I really miss seeing the wee one smiling shyly, hearing her sweet voice which is often barely whispers and watching her concentrate intently on her latest project whether it be knitting or writing or her homework. I've not seen them for a while and although the whole campaign is tough on a political level, I am having to acknowledge how much it also affects me personally. It's hard not to get involved when the people you're trying to help are so vulnerable and so likeable so I was feeling the strain a bit earlier.

And then I think about Florence. And I remember that if we don't win this for them, she will be sitting somewhere in the not too distant future missing Precious too. But she'll be missing the child she gave birth to, her baby, she'll be torturing herself wondering what might be happening to her. And she'll know it's unlikely she'll ever see her again.

I am having an off day but I'll survive. Florence will not survive without Precious. She told me once that she can't live without her. And I believe her. The already strong bonds between mother and child have been intensified between Florence and her little girl because of all they have been through together. They can't survive withhout each other. Don't let them be torn apart. Help me to prevent it before it's too late.

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