Monday, 19 July 2010

This is the UK Border Agency in action

Florence and Precious Mhango are unwell and therefore unable to do their usual weekly reporting to the UKBA in Brand Street in Glasgow. My office handed in a letter from their doctor to this effect. It was clear from their angry reaction that they had been planning to detain them so in a way I'm glad they're sick.

However, talking of being not well, I have been thoroughly sickened by the way the UKBA staff have behaved as a result. So much so that I'm putting in a formal complaint to the Border Agency, I will be speaking to the Trade Union and I intend meeting with the police in the next day or two to establish if an offence has been committed.

For that reason, I can't go into any detail except to say that criminal offence or not, I'm certainly offended by the way they have been treating friends of Florence in Cranhill and I'm quite sure telling lies and using bullying and threatening tactics on ordinary people who've done nothing wrong is not part of their code of conduct.

I have to say they've not come anywhere near me, they prefer to target people who might seem a bit easier to intimidate. So here's my message to the UKBA:

"As you have already been told, if you have any questions about Florence Mhango there are 3 people you can contact. Their lawyer, Florence herself and their MSP - that's me! I know you have this utterly ridiculous policy of refusing to speak to MSPs but seeing as you seem to be bending all sorts of rules especially for the Mhangos, why not bend that one too?

"Leave the single parents alone, don't EVER stand over Precious' Godmother as she lies in her bed AGAIN. If you want to lie to people, if you want to threaten them, how about you try it with me. They didn't invite you to speak to them but I AM inviting you.

"Don't come to my house, you're not welcome there. Make an appointment to come to my office or invite me into yours. I'll be there. I can't say I'll look forward to it after what I've heard about you. But I'd rather you picked on me than on them. So there you have it, an open invitation. I won't hold my breath."

"Oh, one more thing. You have been asking around for a list of Florence and Precious' friends, presumably to intimidate them too. I can give you a bit of inside info on that one. There's a wee group of their friends meeting at 5.30 today at the top of Buchanan Street. I'm sure they'd be happy to welcome you into the fold. So you know where we are ..."

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