Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glasgow's miles better with the SNP

I have been trying for weeks now to blog in detail about the school closure programme in Glasgow. I WILL do it at some point because there are some incredible stories to tell. Right now though, I can choose between campaigning and talking about campaigning!

One thing I will say however, is how proud I am of the whole of the SNP in Glasgow for the way in which we've worked so hard and in such a united manner.

Every time I speak to a parent they'll tell me how brilliant James Dornan (Leader of SNP council group in Glasgow) has been or how Bob Doris (SNP MSP) phoned them late at night to check they were okay.

I'm hearing praise for Grant Thoms, Jennifer Dunn, Phil Greene, Billy McAllister - all good friends of mine and all SNP councillors. Parents are telling us what a difference it makes having an SNP councillor or MSP. The feedback on the councillors is particulary good to hear because as I say, they're all good friends of mine but they're a group of 20 and in any group of that size, you'd expect discord now and again. It's testament to all of them that there really isn't any.

I also think it's got a lot to do with Cllr James Dornan (pictured with myself and Nicola Sturgeon during the Glasgow East by election). Admittedly he's a very good friend of mine, but even an impartial observer would have to admit that James has done an incredible job in leading that group. All I can say is that Stephen Purcell had better look out in 2012 because I seriously believe with the talent of that group, there's every chance the SNP will be running the council in Glasgow next time round. I can tell you this much - these parents would find a very different scenario under the SNP!

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