Friday, 1 May 2009

Coronation Street - the Supreme Soap!

I watched Corrie tonight for the first time in weeks and I remembered why I ought to make more of an effort to indulge when Norris was telling Rita why the new system for the paper boys just wasn’t working.

“If we’re not careful Kirk will end up with Roy Cropper’s “History of Britain” and Roy will have Kirk’s “Nuts” on his doormat”!

And then my favourite character Becky. Steve is on the phone to Eileen and comforts her with the words “life’s full of surprises” when she reveals the shock discovery that’s keeping her away from work.

Becky: “ ‘Life’s full of surprises’?! Yeah Steve, she’s just discovered that her dad’s a paedophile not won spot the ball – you’re not lost to the Samaritans you!”

Class. Pure class.

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