Saturday, 23 May 2009

High Drama Ahead!

I've not blogged for a week or so and it's been the very week when there are high dramas in politics that I should be blogging on. It's just been incredibly busy at work and it's not the kind of job where you can just decide to "do it next week". Glasgow school closures getting ever nearer is just one example of something that can't wait while I write my blog.

However, given that there is going to be a by-election in the constituency in which I live ~ in the constituency where, until January, I was the candidate ~ and in the constituency where I am a member, I think we can safely say that I'll be very closely involved in yet another nerve wracking, nail biting, opportunity for the good folk of Glasgow to give their verdict on Labour in Westminster.

And on that, I shall be blogging!

In the meantime, I have some family business to take care of but I hope to resume Holyrood blogging on Tuesday.

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