Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Can you speak the Weegie patter?

Pure dead brilliant this is! A company is advertising for Glaswegian (although they spell it GlasGwegian) interpreters. If I wasn't an MSP I would LOVE that job. The BBC article has a list of "Glasgow Patter". I didn't know that using the word "Baltic" to describe something cold was Glaswegian. I thought everyone used that term. The Glasgow SNP MSPs have offices in a place called Baltic Chambers and let me tell you when I was in working on Sunday, the heating was off and that's exactly what it was - Baltic! Anyway here's the list of Glaswegian terms from the BBC website.

Baltic (very cold) - yes, I use this.
Boost (head off) - had never heard of this till recently.
Buckie (tonic wine favoured by youngsters) - use it but don't drink it.
Cludgie (toilet) - know it, don't use it - the word obviously, not the actual cludgie!
Eejit (idiot) - yep, have cause to use it frequently but think it's Irish.
Hampden roar (score) - Jamie Hepburn uses this a lot.
Hee haw (nothing) - frequently used term.
Hen (term used to address a woman or girl) - get called this all the time. And "doll".
Laldy (enthusiastic participation) - frequent usage.
Maw (mother) - not to her face.
Midden (rubbish tip) - also has other meanings.
Pure (very) - yes, I feel very inarticulate when I use this but I do, a lot.
Moroculous (drunk) - love this word and use fairly often - to describe other people obv.
Messages (shopping) - as in "I am going for my messages" - use sometimes.
Scooby (clue, ryhming slang - Scooby Doo) - one of my favourite words :-)
Shoot the craw (leave in a hurry) - Jamie Hepburn uses this one all the time too.
Stooky (plaster cast) - until I was about 25 I thought "stooky" was the right word!
Swatch (look) - as in "take a swatch" - again, a Jamie Hepburn favourite.
Toaty (small) - I think this is more "tiny" than "small".
Ya dancer (fantastic) - yes, I confess, this is one of my favourites.
Yersel (yourself) - everyone says "yersel" don't they?

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