Sunday, 11 October 2009

This is my first blog post in October!

I've had a bit of a break over the last week from blogging but it won't last for much longer. It's busy in the office, busy in parliament, I've been buying a flat, helping with the by-election AND trying to recruit a member of staff seeing as Humza Yousaf has decided it's more interesting to work for Alex Salmond than for me, hmmm. Obviously the sooner I recruit someone the less busy I will be in parliament and in the office and the more time I'll have to blog. Thus, the recruitment will be my priority. However, I've been a tad overwhelmed with the response. I've had 63 applications! I've contacted all applicants to let them know the timetable for recruitment because I know myself how much effort you put into applying for jobs and then you just sit about wondering if they've got it, if you'll get an interview etc. Sometimes you're wondering and they've already recruited the person but nobody's bothered to tell you. So I've given them a timescale for each stage of the process which means I have no choice but to stick to it! Having said that it's recess so there's a bit more time to get through everything and hopefully time to blog - if I don't manage it however, you'll know why.

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