Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It just gets worse and worse for Labour

Today, faced with someone who had the audacity to ask him a question he didn't like, Gordon Brown did what any grown up would do and STOMPED OFF. I hear he had to stomp right back again because the next journalist was waiting for an interview. Meanwhile elsewhere in the Land of Hope and Glory Peter Mandelsohn apparently brushed off the news that The Sun had dropped its Labour support by apparently referring to Sun readers as LOSERS! Very naughty but not at all surprising to me. Another Labour politician who shall remain nameless referred to some of his constituents last week as NUTTERS. I won't name him but it's on the Official Report of the last Public Audit Committee so it's in the public domain. Again, very naughty, not very nice. However their honesty is improving because Mr Mandelson himself said today that after the election he can see himself working equally well for a Conservative Government as for a Labour Government. Like I said, it gets worse and worse ...

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