Friday, 4 September 2009

The Cheek

My 17 year old niece is working as an (unpaid) intern 2 days a week for me and today we were working from the constituency office. We had a 2 hour meeting followed by a half hour meeting followed by a 1 hour meeting followed by another 400 million emails followed by a destitute asylum seeker needing urgent help followed by a 2 hour meeting with 5 people which has just finished.

She's dying to go home and I'm just finishing off letters but I can see she's starving so I'm trying to go quickly. She tells me she NEVER wants to be an MSP and I understand (from today's experience) why she's saying that. I tell her I sympathise with her plight and I'm really not sure why she EVER wants to come and stay with me due to the continual neglecting of her most basic needs. She says nothing. I tell her "when you look back you'll be wondering what on earth you were doing coming here" to which she replies "I don't have to look back. I can just look"!

So to punish her I tell her I must update my blog before I can leave. That'll teach her!

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