Friday, 11 September 2009

Let them go home

I heard from a friend of mine in Colombo in Sri Lanka that the Lanka Daily Mirror is reporting that the IDP camps are to be opened and everyone can now go home. I've not been able to verify that yet and this article would suggest that it's not being reported over here.

Last Sunday I met a farmer from The Vanni in Sri Lanka, now living in Glasgow. He knows the land the IDP camps are on well and he told me it will be badly flooded when the monsoons start next month. In fact he fears they will be swamped. There are no ground sheets in the camps and even if there were, they're no protection from monsoon floods.

It is therefore more urgent than ever that people are allowed to go home. The Sri Lankan government MUST let people go home before they're hit by yet another human catastrophe. They've been through enough, let them go home.

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