Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Visit to my old drama school

I invited myself along to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama when I heard that Michael Russell, the Minister for Culture amongst other things was going to be visiting today. It's my old drama school but it's so much more than that these days. It's such an exciting job being an MSP. Yet again I found myself having to fight the urge to get completely carried away (so unlike me, I know!) and book myself an audition when I heard that they're going to have a musical theatre course - but couldn't help myself from thinking that the hills are alive with the sound of music / as long as he needs me / you must be mistaken, it couldn't have been, you couldn't have seen him yesterday. Sorry, as you can see my "not getting carried away" didn't work too well. Anyway was a great visit. We're pictured here with John Wallace, the Principal at the RSAMD and Prof Maggie Kinloch, Director of Drama.

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