Saturday, 5 September 2009

To hear ourselves as others hear us

Just caught a bit of X Factor before I head out for my ambulance shift and I saw this girl Jade. She's 17 and she sang "And I am Telling You" unaccompanied, a song that's not easy to sing with the music never mind on your owney-o! She was very very good but you can see why you get so many delusional folk on (like the French guy who's just about to get a roasting from Simon). The trouble is you never sound in your own head, like you do in reality. I mean I'm sitting listening to Jade thinking "yeah that's how I sing it". Now either I'm a superstar in the making or I'm just not hearing what everyone else is hearing. So let's not laugh at them too much, they can't help it. And let's not TOTALLY discount the possibility that I am, indeed, a 'superstar in the making'!

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