Friday, 11 September 2009

*Ye hypocrites are these yer pranks #1

I'm calling it "no 1" because I'm expecting there will be many more. Iain Gray, Labour Leader in Scotland, decided to make the awful news of Diageo job losses into a party political issue when he raised it at First Minister's Questions and accused Alex Salmond of more or less scuppering the chances of saving the jobs by doing what? By making a speech and walking shoulder to shoulder with workers at a rally organised by the cross party working group at the start of the campaign to save the livelihoods of these men and women.

But what do we read in today's edition of the Scotsman? What's that I hear Iain Gray told a reporter last week?

Yes, that's right. He said (and this is a quote):

Iain Gray said:

"I would have gone on the protest march as first minister.

"Labour's take on this has been to work with the trade unions. That's why I probably would have gone on the protest march because the trade unions were a big part of organising that."

*Rabbie Burns

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