Sunday, 27 September 2009

Purcell not V Good at all!

If it weren't for the fact that Stephen Purcell is in charge of the biggest council in Scotland and the city that I represent and live in, I'd be laughing at the events of last week. When he was stomping about moaning that The first Minister Alex Salmond told him to grow up, perhaps he should really just reflect on that piece of advice. I understand that people have political ambitions and most politicians love getting press coverage but I think we each have a responsibility to keep the egos in check and keep reminding ourselves what we are trying to achieve.

The headlines I'm referring to came about after a meeting Stephen Purcell had with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon - I think it was simply a Commonwealth Games progress meeting. Purcell brought up the refurbishment of Dalmarnock Station where the Games will be held and he wanted the FM to guarantee the £2.3million loan from the EU required to overhaul it. As I understand it, he was given a "steer" that the SNP Government were "very committed" to it but told that "due processes" had to be followed before any confirmation could be given.What that means is there are certain procedures that have to be followed in all things but particularly when you're running a country.

As it happens, the following day, it was confirmed that the loan would be underwritten. Confirmed through the proper channels. Saying "c'mon gonnae just tell me, I'll no' tell anybody" is really not that attitude you're looking for from the Leader of Glasgow City Council. Running to the press afterwards saying "that big boy told me to grow up" is even less impressive.

And what did it achieve really? It didn't influence the outcome one iota. All it did was get headlines for Mr Purcell who, as we all know, is dying to replace Iain Gray as Labour's leader in Scotland. Sadly this time, his headlines just made him look like a diddy - and one who needs to grow up fast.

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