Saturday, 12 September 2009

The last week in pictures

This one was taken at 7am after an 8 hour shift with Springburn Ambulance Team - you can see that Peter and Frank were very smiley, once they knew they were getting rid of me!
This was the awful mess outside Pollok Civic Realm where I did my surgery on Monday. What a lovely sight!

Overflowing bins attracted dozens of wasps - and yes, I did run away!

Even the carpark nearby with its lovely greenery was covered in rubbish.
And I'm sure it can't be safe to have drugs lying around - I took them to hand into a chemist.

Left the surgery and headed for Asda Govan where Shelter where holding an event. Should've read the invitation and I might've put some make up on before being filmed!

Nor did I realise I had to draw my ideal home. Got a bit carried away!

Mission Aviation Fellowship had an event hosted by Linda Fabiani MSP in the parliament on Tuesday. This was me on the flight simulator - got a little carried away with this one too I'm afraid. Joie de vivre - nothing wrong with that!

This lady worked as an aircraft engineer for Mission Aviation Fellowship for more than ten years, starting in Chad. She told me she was met with suspicion at first being a woman working as an engineer!

My niece Christie and her dad came in to watch First Minister's Questions and made themselves at home in my office. This is the POD, where you're supposed to sit and contemplate. Seeing as I don't have time for that I use it as a filing system!

Double saltire in the sky on Friday morning when I woke up on the Southside! The ironies less than 48 hours after we crashed out of the world cup!

Saturday and it's by-election time! Here I am with our brilliant candidate David Kerr and my old mate Brendan O'Hara. He's now got his own TV production company but back in the day, Brendan was one of the SNP's best parliamentary candidates. He'll be back!

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