Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Facebook therapy

Facebook is very 'helpful' in that it tells you what your friends think of you - so it says. Every so often it sends you an email letting you know where you are in the rankings. Today, I got this.

#4 most useful (lost 2 places)
#5 most outgoing (gained 1 place)
#6 most talkative (gained 1 place)
#10 best mannered (lost 4 places)
#11 hardest worker (lost 9 places)

So I'm becoming useless, rude, lazy (after the week I've just had!!) and more talkative. However none of that has affected my confidence as it tells me I'm more outgoing than normal. Will nothing dent this girl's confidence?! And who on earth is voting in this? I've never been asked!

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