Monday, 28 September 2009

Gordon Ramsay - what a bully

I've been watching Hell's Kitchen for the first time. And I just can't look. That man is a nasty piece of work. It stars Gordon Ramsay - much admired for his fiery no nonsense attitude and that's fine but it's not "no nonsense" it's just nasty bully boy stuff. Workplace bullying can be crucifying for people who have to live with it. It's often quite subtle but not with this guy.

He wasn't happy with one of the chefs so he told him to "f*** off, just get outta here, go on get out, f*** off" and off the poor guy went, completely humiliated in front of everyone.

The next guy to displease him was told to "get in there now" and shoved into a cupboard where he was joined by Ramsay who spat in his face that he was "a dirty pig".

Nasty horrible bully boy tactics that would and should get someone sacked. Why on earth do we create a celebrity out of guys like this? How can we tell kids or anyone for that matter that bullying is wrong when this guy's paid millions for doing just that? It's obscene. HE is obscene. WE are obscene to accept someone like this being held up as some kind of a hero.

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