Saturday, 17 October 2009

SNP Conference

Am at SNP conference in Inverness and loving every minute of it. I moved a motion yesterday about the UKBA's refusal to allow MSPs to represent constituents. I listened in on several other debates on the Euro, on the voucher system for asylum seekers before joining everyone else in giving Kenny MacAskill a standing ovation before he'd even started his conference address.

Went to the SAMH fringe meeting about physical activity and its effect on mental health. Was a contestant in the Nat Factor - 4 of us (Alyn Smith MEP, Bill Kidd MSP, Gregor Murray & Out for Independence Boyband!!). Alyn and I (being the most competitive of the 4) had spent the day lobbying hard against each other (in a good natured way of course) but it backfired and we both got beaten by the boyband! I then turned Auctioneer for the evening and my throat is still killing me but we made a fair bit of money. I got home at 2am and thought my feet were going to fall off. So it's all go here.

Today's another day and I'm off to hear who's won the President's Prize. I've submitted a topical resolution on the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival so fingers crossed it'll get through. And I'm chairing a fringe meeting for the Scottish Refugee Council this evening. Hopefully that'll all give me lots of time to catch up with folk I've not seen in a long while.

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  1. Hahaha all these years I've been rejecting the labels society gives to me - and now I am my very own label, at least in the blogosphere!

    Will have to get some photos up from the event :)