Wednesday, 14 October 2009

We are a pretty sick species sometimes

I went out for a drink the other night with a few friends and there was a quiz night going on. One round required every team to submit a joke and I was really shocked to hear 3 different teams making a joke about the sudden death of a young guy. He'd died some days earlier in his sleep - he'd not been ill, but still he passed away. His family and partner were overcome with grief as were his friends and yet, somehow, it seemed alright for folk in the pub to be telling jokes about it. It was cruel in the extreme and I have no idea what goes on in people's minds for them to think it's at all acceptable to joke about something like that. Perhaps they think that being famous or being rich means you're fair game even when you're dead. It's a twisted logic and I hate to think how the family of Stephen Gately would have felt had they overheard those so called "jokes".

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  1. Ann I couldn't agree more. Very well phrased and timely rant.