Monday, 1 February 2010

Cheice is Nice

My friend Mik has invented a game called Cheice. It's chess with dice. As you can see from the photo the dice don't have numbers but chess pieces on them. Your pieces can make the same moves as in chess but which piece you move with is determined by the throw of the dice.
It's genius, it really is. It's great for folk who like chess but don't like waiting half an hour for the person opposite to deliberate! And it's a great way to get kids interested and gradually learn to play chess.
It's at quite an advanced stage of development for the board game and he's in talks with mobile phone providers for a mobile version of the game. I always knew that Mik would be a stunning success one day and I predict it won't be long till we see Cheice all over the place.
Tonight the guy on the right in the picture won the 2nd annual Cheice Championships at the Laurieston Bar in Glasgow. It was a tense final, nearly as bad as watching the tennis this morning!

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