Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hola mis amigas y mis amigos

Si, I am back! I got back from Lanzarote last night and if I felt a little cheated by the weather over there, I felt like stowing away on the return flight as soon as I landed at Prestwick. It's not right that it should be so cold. We've got to invent some laws against this. One minute I'm strolling barefoot (nearly) along the promenade en las Canarias, next I'm donning thermal vests and 3 layers on top as I shiver me timbers in my ground floor flat!

Anyway, I won't complain. It was great to get away. I just have to stop letting my imagination run away with me. I pictured deep blue skies, brilliant sunshine and sparkling turquoise waters. And I'm sure that's what they've got this week but most of last week it was gale force winds and torrential rain. However, on the plus side, there were 3 days with long periods of warm and dry weather and one day of brilliant sunshine and we should NEVER underestimate the benefits of just being able to sit outside and watch the world go by. So the sun wasn't quite as brilliant as I'd imagined it but it was warm and I was by the ocean and therefore, I was happy.

Just before I left my "good" mate Mhairi (she brings reality to my overactive imagination) wished me a good holiday with the words "but remember you're a jinx on holiday"! She's referring to a few wee problems I've encountered in the past - missing TWO flights back from Barcelona because nobody told me there was more than one airport! / missing the flight back from Marseille (because of her incidentally) and having a 24 hour hike across France to get home (and a £200 bill) / missing the flight back from Paris because I didn't know you could get more than one terminal at an airport (it was LONG time ago) / excitedly joining in a "potato game" in Spain and finding myself £50 out of pocket in what I realised later was a SCAM not a game / finding a dead body as I swam in Gran Canaria - er, no silver lining with that one!

So, with those words ringing in my ears and the memories of the "adventures" (all character building I feel) off I went. My Spanish teacher (la profesora) said to me one day "I don't understand, this rain, this wind, I have lived here 22 years and NEVER have I seen anything like it" and I looked away guiltily, like it was MY fault!

Anyway, not being one to sit about doing nothing, when I realised there was to be not a lot of sunshine, I decided to enrol in the Academia de Espanol - a language school. It was great. I'd tried to learn last year but then I went and got elected and had time for nothing! So it was brilliant to take it up again and I'm determined I'm going to carry on this time.

For all the Spanish speakers out there I do know that the title of this post should be "mis amigos" rather than "amigas" but I'm rebelling. "Amigo" is the word for a male friend and "amiga" for female. However if you are addressing a group of people and just ONE of them is male, doesn't matter if 99 are female, you have to use the masculine. Well I'm not having it, I will have a different version of the Spanish language!

Anyway that's me, back to work this morning and although not tanned, I do feel the benefit of time away which is just as well because there are battles coming up that need to be won! Adios!

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