Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Day in the Life ...

Wednesdays are generally the busiest in an MSP's diary because you're in parliament, probably have a committee meeting and will, at some stage be in the debating chamber. Then at night it's usual to attend one of the parliamentary receptions organised on behalf of charities, voluntary organisations and the like. Wednesday evenings are the most popular for these receptions because if MSPs are staying over in Edinburgh that's the night they tend to do it.

So it's always busy on a Wednesday but today topped the league of busy Wednesdays. I barely had time to catch my breath. Here's how it went:

* 7am left the house for the 7.30 train on which I read over my committee papers again.
* 8.45am went through paperwork and emails for an hour.
* 9.45am audit committee pre meeting followed by actual meeting at 10am.
* 12.45pm audit committee ends.
* 12.50pm meeting Earth Hour campaigners outside parliament.
* 1.05pm meeting Electric Scooter company outside parliament.
* 1.30pm SNP Group meeting till 2pm.
* 2.15pm to 5.10pm in debating chamber.
* 5.30pm to 7pm meeting at SNP HQ.
* 7.30pm to 11pm dinner briefing.

So, if sometimes it takes a while for me to answer your email or phone call, now you know why. I'll get there eventually but we do get days and even weeks when there is literally no time to do anything but run from meeting to meeting!

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