Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wear RED this Friday

I was contacted last week by a fantastic charity called Glasgow the Caring City. They'd heard that I'd hosted a meeting of MSPs with members of the Disasters and Emergency Committee about the work they are doing following the horrific earthquake in Haiti.

They (along with their branches in Dundee and Inverclyde and their partner charity World Emergency Relief) have organised a RedDay4Haiti which is an awareness and fund raising day this Friday in which members of the public wear red - presumably to signify the emergency and the need for us to be on alert for Haiti for a very long time.

Anyway my role is to convince the 129 MSPs to wear red in the parliamentary chamber tomorrow and I'm delighted to say there seems to be much agreement that we should do it. Fiona Hyslop, as the External Affairs Minister has been very supportive and I suppose it helps that she suits red! But across the chamber MSPs seem to like the idea so we shall see how it goes tomorrow.

A number of schools across the country are taking part on Friday so I would appeal to everyone out there to speak to your colleagues, neighbours, student friends, schoolfriends and members of whatever club you belong to, to wear red on Friday and I'll apologise in advance to all the gingers out there who tell me it clashes!

It's for a good cause - to make sure we don't forget Haiti. Already more than 50% of Scots have donated to the Haiti appeal so I have a feeling we won't be forgetting them. The image above is from Glasgow Caring City's appeal for the work they are doing in Haiti so please do send that text. Thank you.
Glasgow the Caring City is a Registered Charity in Scotland Number SC029090

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