Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Have you ever had a question or a puzzle going through your mind that you never seem to get the answer to - until you stop and think it through and then you realise what a numptie you've been? No? Never happens to me either. Except for earlier today when I was at Kelvingrove Park and watching nursery workers taking the babies round the park in some of these double pushchairs.

There is a nursery round the corner from my office in Glasgow and you often see the staff taking the babies out in twin pushchairs and every time I see them I think what a coincidence that they have so many twins at that nursery. So today when I saw nursery workers in the West End with 8 sets of twins and similar thoughts went through my mind as well as the question "are there special nurseries just for twins?", I actually stopped to think it through.

And I thought "why would twins need a special nursery?" and "how come some of those twins look absolutely nothing like each other?". Stop. Brain in gear. Think. Ah, okay, it's the pushchairs that match, not the children. I'm sure it can't just be me! OK on this particular occasion it probably IS just me but I'm sure we've all been there, where we've had that blindingly obvious eureka moment.

My "eureka moment" made me laugh so much I forgot I was on a road and nearly got run over. Sometimes my life feels like a Bridget Jones movie! Right, back to being serious politician!

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