Friday, 6 August 2010

I'm back

Hello blog! Not spoken to you for a while. Now you might think that's cos I'm doing nothing but it's not, the opposite is true. It's because recess, that time to gather your thoughts, think about what you want to look at politically, spend more time planning, clearing out, reading what you haven't read (but had to pretend you had!), maybe working normal office hours, possibly having lunch breaks and who knows, perhaps a day or two off, has been busier for me than it was when parliament was sitting!

That, of course, is because of the intensification of the situation with Florence and Precious which I will not complain about (other than to complain that they have to put up with this crap in the first place) and of course none of the other work goes away, does it?

However, things are a little calmer now. I've spent 3 days filing and recycling and doing all sorts of minutiae like getting printer cartridges for the printer I've not been able to use for 3 months (what was so difficult about ordering cartridges?), paying bills (direct debit is the way forward for people like me!) and transporting the 15,000 annual reports from my hallway and kitchen to the office. I've not stopped but it's been so well worth it. I feel I can actually see the wood for the trees at last.

So today I'm off to visit my mum with Cambull, my Sudanese friend who has apparently adopted my mother! She loves it and he seems to find it quite amusing when I point out that she was MY mother first. I don't really mind seeing as his family were all killed, it would be kinda selfish of me to deny him the opportunity to take my mum out when she's too old to do it herself - nice one Cambull :-)

So we're going down there for the day and I "think" I am taking next week off. I'm fantasising about getting my photos framed, might even put one or two up on the wall, possibly buying and doing something with curtains, after all it's only been 10 months since I moved in to this flat!! I may also buy a George Foreman grill to replace the one I wrecked last week when I soaked it in water. It and the cables! Not a good move. The replacement will have removeable plates this time.

And of course I will have the headspace to blog. So, I promise it'll be more interesting than this drivel. As I said I'm filing, recycling, chucking out rubbish and that includes trivia that's been running round in my head for weeks. So thank you blog, thank you for the catharsis! I will not neglect you again and I will be back tomorrow!

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