Monday, 16 August 2010

Glasgow Labour should get real!

What is it with Glasgow Labour? Do they really not get it that folk are getting sick to the back teeth of them, particularly that shower in the council and their shenanigans. Every time you pick up a newspaper someone else has been suspended amid drugs allegations or for making inappropriate advances on fellow councillors.

So you would think they'd want to keep folk on their side by doing something sensible. For instance, we are entering a period when belts have to be tightened and savings have to be made. I know it's quite a revolutionary idea for them but they're going to have to do it just like every other publicly funded organisation in the country has to do.

However, not only are they NOT prepared to even attempt it, they also intend to increase the council tax for every council tax payer in Glasgow. They want the Scottish Government to agree to them increasing YOUR council tax AND they want the Scottish Government to continue to pay them the compensation they've been getting for NOT increasing it.

Get real. This is just ridiculous. Nobody likes the financial situation we're in but the Scottish Government's hands are tied by the constraints of being part of the United Kingdom and having our "spending money" dictated to us by their government. So we're all just going to have to get on with it.

I really wish Glasgow Labour would stop p***ing about with party politics and petty point scoring and just figure out how they're going to make savings and protect frontline services WITHOUT ordering Glasgow citizens to pay EVEN MORE of their hard earned cash in council tax PARTICULARLY when they've been given a large sum to compensate for freezing the tax.

If I were Glasgow Labour with the shocking revelations that keep pouring out of the city chambers this year, I'd be keeping my head down and working hard to earn back the respect of the folk of Glasgow, not trying to rip them off for even more money!

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