Tuesday, 17 August 2010

If the constituent won't come to the MSP ...

I think I must have ants in my pants because I can't seem to sit still these days. We embarked today on a new style of reaching out to constituents. It involves getting out and "accosting" folk in the street. I tell them who I am, remind them that they pay me quite well and that I think they ought to get value for money by making me work for my wages. Not that I NEED anyone to make me work hard of course.

So we started today in Castlemilk. I think some people were a bit surprised at my Oprah Winfrey approach but I made the point to them that FAR TOO MANY people don't actually KNOW what their MSP does. Some know you can go to them with problems but let me tell you, they don't always have a good experience.

Anyway I'm not sitting in draughty libraries and church halls anymore waiting for you to come to me, I'm coming out to get you! Expect to see me at your local shopping centre, your post office, jobcentre, in fact send me ideas of where I should go next time - and keep it polite please!

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