Friday, 3 December 2010

AND another thing ...

Still on Question Time.

As always when they talked about tuition fees in England, it got onto talking about how unfair it is that Scotland's students don't have to pay tuition fees. John Sargent was the voice of reason when he pointed out that it shouldn't spark a constitutional debate, it should merely tell us that the governments of Scotland and Wales were managing their money better than the government in charge of education in England.

Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK ambassador to the USA however felt differently.

According to this guy, if Scotland and Wales don't charge tuition fees, England really has to look again at how the cash is divvied up in the UK. We should not be able to "live better" than England, bloody upstarts that we are! (He didn't actually say the last bit btw.)

What he means is that England should cut our pocket money until we learn to behave ourselves and that means that whatever we do, England gets to do better. Like it's our fault the UK government is so appalling!

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