Friday, 3 December 2010

Margo MacDonald's down but not out

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the then forthcoming End of Life Assistance debate that was coming up. Yesterday I spoke in the debate and I voted in favour of it. It was defeated by 85 votes to 16. Margo MacDonald who brought the bill to the parliament really came under some sustained attacks in the build up to the debate and there was a fair bit of criticism during the debate.

I know she was disappointed by the result of course and bearing in mind that Margo has Parkinson's Disease, she must have been exhausted by the time she got home last night.

I wondered if she'd be in today. I needn't have wondered for she was there and in fine spirits. In reaction to some of the scare mongering that went on about the bill, she was wearing a red diamante encrusted ring in the shape of a large skull. She did it in reaction to those who all but accused her of standing over the beds of dying people planning their deaths.

Whatever you think of Margo's bill, her intentions were good. Her intentions were to support those people now who know the time will come when their pain becomes unbearable to them and they want to end their lives on their own terms. She is a compassionate woman and to demonise her in the way that some did is a disgraceful way to have treated her.

Disagree with her if you will. But don't demonise her. Still, at least she came back fighting today. I might have been tempted to stay in bed and I have nothing but admiration for her that she didn't.

You can watch the debate by clicking here and scrolling down to Ministerial Statement: Scotland Bill - the debate follows the statement. It's about 1 hr 30 minutes in.

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