Thursday, 2 December 2010

It's Thursday night and time to raise the blood pressure

Nadine Dorries the Tory MP has just explained on Question Time why she's proud to be a daughter of Thatcher. Apparently it's because she grew up on a council estate in Liverpool and her mum bought her council house then presumably sold it for a large profit so she could move away. Had it not been for Thatcher's right to buy policy (severely curtailed in Scotland now by the SNP government) her mum "would still be living on a council estate". Shock horror! Well thank goodness for that then. Nadine's mum doesn't have to live on a council estate anymore. Because if there's something in life you need to avoid it's living on a council estate.

What a piece of nonsense and if she really believes that then she should be ashamed that anyone still does.

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