Friday, 3 December 2010

BBC Blood Pressure Time

A few weeks ago the Deputy First Minister of Scotland was a panelist on BBC Question Time. They were discussing the economy and Nicola Sturgeon began describing what the SNP government in Scotland was doing to boost Scotland's economy. I say "began" because David Dimbleby butted in and told her she was not allowed to talk about Scotland. She had to talk about UK wide issues. "This is going out to a UK wide audience and Scottish issues are not relevant to all of them, you must keep it relevant to the UK as a whole" he told her. (I'm paraphrasing but fairly accurately.)

So how come tonight more than half the programme was taken up with English only issues?

The first was England's failed bid to host the world cup in 2018.

The second was how Lib Dem MPs are going to vote on tuition fees in England.

Am I missing something? If I am please tell me because I'm racking my brains and can't figure out how THAT is any different to Nicola talking about the Scottish Government's approach to Scotland's economy.

Enlighten me please dear readers!

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