Sunday, 17 January 2010

Awaz FM - have a listen

I'm a big fan of Awaz FM, the Asian Radio Station in Glasgow that you may have heard of when it recently suffered a terrible tragedy.

I'm not sure what it is I like so much. Perhaps because the music reminds me of being in Sri Lanka, it's not dissimilar. And I've always loved hearing Urdu and Punjabi speakers with Glasgow accents peppering what they're saying with English words like "Sauchiehall Street" or "Kentucky Fried Chicken", it just sounds funny when they pop up like that.

And it amuses me to note that radio presenters almost always have to adopt that mid Atlantic twang even when they're speaking in Urdu.

Anyway I couldn't remember what frequency it was on and hadn't listened for a while until the weekend when my nephew Daniel tuned in and pre-programmed it on the car radio for me. I was happily driving along the next day and tuned in but I was most miffed to discover I'd found myself a programme where they talked about nothing but football! I can tune into Real Radio for that thanks very much.

I tried again the next day however and it was great. A song that reminded me of Sri Lankan bus music was playing away and the presenter said at the end of it "right that was 'whatever it was' - good song that but what's with the "doorio doorio" in the lyrics? What does "doorio" mean? Does it mean anything or is it just random jibberish because they couldn't come up with proper lyrics. If you know, phone in and let me know"!

After the next song somebody was on the line with the answer to the "doorio" question. And what did they do? Started talking in Urdu, that's what! Couldn't believe it and I STILL don't know what "doorio" means. So if anyone knows let ME know please. And if you haven't listened to Awaz FM, why not give it a go? I don't know the frequency, it's just no 6 on my radio, but you can visit the website and listen online here!

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