Thursday, 28 January 2010

No peace for Sri Lanka

As predicted on Tuesday, the people of Sri Lanka get no peace! The results of the presidential election were indeed close. Rajapaksa, the incumbent got 57% whilst his opponent General Fonseka, former head of the Sri Lankan Army, got 40%. Given the utterly shocking character assassination of Fonseka I've read in Rajapaksa's election leaflets I'm stunned he got one vote never mind 3.39 million!

But the whole thing has ended in disaster with Fonseka talking about legal action amid accusations of vote rigging and intimidation. That escalated and before he could utter the word "summons" he was telling the world there was a political assassination attempt being planned for him. Now, the Sri Lankan government is talking about taking "action" against Fonseka because of things he said that "were not true"!

It's a bloody mess and whilst they're wrangling, the people of Sri Lanka must be wondering when it is that the price of rice will come down, that flood defences will be put in place so that thousands aren't displaced again this year, that the Tamil situation will be resolved and they can all live peacefully together and grow their economy.

Not any time soon is my guess and it saddens me because it seems that Sri Lanka is forever destined to be in turmoil.

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