Friday, 29 January 2010

Independence Referendum in Glasgow tomorrow!

I sometimes ask myself why I work such long hours and why I can't seem to say no to enough things. And the reason is because sometimes it's just too interesting to say no. Tomorrow, for instance, I could really do with a day off but I've been asked to be one of the people overseeing the Glasgow polling place in the worldwide referendum of Sri Lankan Tamils on Independence or as they call it, self determination.

Given my links with Sri Lanka and the Tamil people in Glasgow I've worked very closely with, I wouldn't want to miss it and I'm really pleased they asked me. Bob Doris and Sandra White both SNP MSPs in Glasgow, will be helping too.

I'm keeping a close eye on who among the British politicians is supporting the right of the Tamil people to a referendum but not the right of Scotland - hypocrisy is rife and I'm sure there will be a fair few.

The results of the referendum are fairly predictable I think and in other countries where the vote has taken place in the last week, some polls are showing at 99 per cent in favour. It won't make a material difference I'm afraid but the symbolism will be pretty powerful.

Anyway so that's why I'm not off tomorrow. That and the fact that I was clearly wicked or weary in another life.

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