Friday, 11 February 2011

Egypt gives hope to displaced people the world over

It is, of course, wonderful news that Mubarak has stepped down and Egypt now has the chance to become a democracy. And even better news that it was all done so peacefully. The people of Egypt are a shining example to the world.

I was with a woman I know when the news came through. She is from Iran and she sought asylum here a number of years ago but the UKBA don't believe she is in danger and want to return her. If the UKBA could have seen the delight in her face when I told her the news and heard the excitement in her voice as she told me how this gave her hope that one day Iran would follow suit and her country would be free, they would know that she is not here because this is where she wants to be. She is here because she is terrified to go back to Iran.

She told me how much she loves her friends here "but" she said "all my family is in Iran, my culture, my language, everything I've known for all my life". Well today she got a glimmer of hope that maybe one day she'll be able to see her family again. I'm sure there are many thousands the world over for whom this has ignited that faint glimmer of hope again.

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