Thursday, 10 February 2011

Labour weans

Today I made the mistake of sitting near the Labour end of the SNP section in the parliament chamber for First Minister's Questions. Every time I do that I remember why it's a bad idea. Watching alleged grown ups behaving like out of control tantrum throwing children is unedifying to say the least!

As we get closer to the election of course it gets worse and yesterday when they voted AGAINST FREEZING THE COUNCIL TAX, and they voted AGAINST FREE PRESCRIPTIONS and they voted AGAINST 25,000 NEW APPRENTICESHIPS just because it was the SNP who were proposing it in the budget, was a sad example of how it's going to be from now till parliament dissolves on 22 March.

At First Minister's Questions however I really was incensed when I heard the rubbish coming from some of the backbenchers, in particular Michael McMahon and Karen Gillen. The issue of the Labour controlled North Ayrshire Council's ridiculous idea to have a 4 day week for schools came up and Iain Gray said in response this:

"What the First Minister fails to mention is that this idea came about because the SNP group on the council asked for radical proposals."

So what? They didn't ask for utterly stupid proposals and it was the Labour group who came up with it.

That, however, didn't stop the two aforementioned Labour MSPs amongst others in their group heckling the FM with cries of "it was an SNP plan", "it was your party's idea".

Lies, lies, lies. The question is do they not understand or are they deliberately lying? I promise I will NEVER stoop that low no matter how long I remain in politics. I will concede that it's probably easier for me because the Labour Party give us so much material, there really is no need to make it up. However, genuine material or not, if I can't do it without lying I won't do it at all.

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