Thursday, 3 February 2011

Unionists - all in it together

Arch opposer of the teensy weensy additional tax on giant retail units, and thus opposer of an extra £30 million for the people of Scotland, Richard Baker LABOUR MSP has just proven that Labour really has moved so far to the right it's hard to see the difference between them and the Tories.

Stewart McDonald who works as my researcher was in the queue in the canteen today just after FMQs. It was an FMQs that saw the Labour benches enthusiastically slapping their desks (too much effort to clap) in support of Annabel Goldie Leader of the Tories.

Anyway she was in the queue in the canteen when Stewart saw Richard Baker (LABOUR) go up to her, slap her on the back and tell her "good lines Annabel, good lines". You wouldn't catch me congratulating a Tory but like the headline says they're all in it together!

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