Sunday, 20 February 2011

I will turn you inside out!!!

That was the charming "threat" from some pathetic moron who sent me a comment after I published this post about a couple of guys I had the misfortune to be sharing a bus with.

However I'd rather be on the same bus as them and their misguidedness than "Angus the Anonymous" with his heartless and cynical attitude toward fellow human beings although he seems to have missed that last bit.

The post was long and full of nasty stuff about how wicked all asylum seekers are etc. Usual crap you get from BNP types but here's how it ended.

"However, the truth is, you made that wee story up by all by yourself. There were no “ two guys in their 20s eating kebabs, drunk as skunks and only just staying upright”.

Wee bit like the asylum supporters who chose to compare asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants with our own unemployed as against the millions of hard-working people who work to provide for themselves - and your asylum seekers.

You should have spent more of the time, we pay for it, getting rid of the illegals, including your failed absconding illegal Mhangos.

Please post this on your blog - I will debate asylum with you - I will turn you inside out."

Turn me inside out? I don't think I can be bothered to be honest. And no, I won't be publishing any more of your lies. If you want to peddle those myths, go ahead but do it on your own blog.

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