Thursday, 24 February 2011

There are some vicious people in the world

Some of you may have read my post last week about "M" an asylum seeker friend of mine who is at his very lowest ebb right now, despairing as he has to choose between being murdered in his home country or starving to death here. You may also have read my post about this sad hate filled individual who was (anonymously) having a go at me.

I didn't answer his last abusive message so he's sent another one and I've decided to post it in its entirety. I won't be doing this again but I feel it's important to let you see the attitude and the hate that asylum seekers have to face from some people. Anyway I'll stop talking now and let "Angus" speak for himself ...

Your “friend”, as your Mhango friends, is a lying con-merchant - he and his companion gained illegal entry on a forged document. And why all the way to Glasgow - Glasgow the soft touch - that’s why.

Your “friend”, as your Mhango friends, had his spurious claim for asylum turned down. He should, but will not, be making arrangements to leave Britain.

If he claimed he had no money, how did he pay for the “flat they'd been living in”? - answer, he didn’t have to pay, the furnished flat was free - you bampot / liar. So were his utility bills - the British taxpayer paid for those .... From my area MP ....
/ The level of support is intended to reflect the fact that supported asylum seekers do not have to meet the cost of accommodation, furnishings and utility bills. /

And the temporary accommodation you’ve got them? Would that be the same accommodation you hid the illegal Mhangos in prior to assisting them in their illegal run to .... where? How much is the taxpayer doling out to the lying Florence and how much is it costing us to educate the lying, schooled by her mother, Tionge?

Just think, (are you capable) instead of doling out finance to your lying, scrounging, illegals, we could use that finance, for instance, on providing better cancer treatment to Britain’s sufferers.

And instead of squandering finance on an absolute incompetent (you) and your pointless family members signed up by yourself to siphon off a share of the pot, we could ditch you and yours. Praise the Lord - we will be getting rid of you and yours shortly. Although you will probably unload yourself on to some money-wasting asylum support ‘charity’ and carry on living out of our wage packets.

Aye, "you don't know you're born Hen" ....

Have you ever seen children undergoing treatment in a cancer ward? Their time for operations are kept secret for as long as possible from the child patient - the kids know what faces them, during and after.

Have you ever seen sick kids hooked up to and dragging their mobile ‘trolleys’ behind them - feeds them their drips.

Naw, you’re more interested in ‘seeing Precious' smiling face as she pulled her wee suitcase behind her‘ - aw whit a shame.

I could go on, but I will desist, your bleeding heart is reserved for your poor (lol) wee lying, money-grabbing “asylum seekers”.

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