Friday, 4 February 2011

I'll huff and I'll puff ...

I don't know if it's windy where you are but it's blowing a gale here in Glasgow. It's bad enough when you're tucked up safe and warm but imagine you lived next to this close. Look at the window frames hanging out and does that chimney look like it's supported in any way?
No! And that's because it isn't. But for some reason the GHA thought it was okay to leave this close like this after it was burned down more than 3 months ago. It would be bad enough if it was on waste land but it's not.
It's the close right next door to a woman I met the other day. She and ten friends were waiting to greet me when I turned up. They wanted to tell me about a number of things but the most pressing issue was that they have to live next to this and they were scared because at the bottom of the close is a pile of bricks and tiles that came off during the last high winds. Who's to say that chimney won't be next and who can tell if someone will be walking by at the time.
There were many other issues and I'm planning to show you the full extent in the not too distant future but let's just say this place is the land that everyone forgot. It seemed like nobody cared what happened to the families living here, so extensive were the problems. But I care and I got right onto the various agencies including the GHA. Apparently the next morning the GHA were out rectifying some of the problems.
And that's good. But why does it have to wait until an MSP asks them to sort it out? What was wrong with doing it last week or last year when the problems first arose? And would they have done it at all had I not got involved? I really hope I'm wrong about that and I am very glad work has been started. I'll be meeting the GHA onsite tomorrow and I hope to be able to publish a photo which shows this building has been secured and cordoned off if not demolished.

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