Saturday, 6 March 2010


Sitting here with my niece having some family time listening to the radio and reading the scandal sheets. And there was a quiz on for kids which asked them two questions:

1) In the alphabet which letter comes first K or R?
2) What is the second letter of the word "Pseudonym"?

All the kids who rightly answered "K" to the first were disqualified and "S" to the second were told "there's a silent P". I was horrified and couldn't believe the example we were setting these children. I decided to contact the radio station and ask them what was going on but mindful of the fact that I might have been missing something I didn't rant, I just enquired.

Glad am I that I tempered what I wanted to say. I emailed Micky Gavin at Real Radio and he was lovely. Got back to me right away to say he'd been on air all morning and hadn't done a quiz. He did that at precisely the same time as the jingle for the kids' quiz came on. "Wrong to be Right" it was called. So not only did I get the point of the quiz wrong, I didn't even have the right radio station!

You know how nowadays you can watch a TV programme live but you're still able to pause, fast forward and REWIND. Why can we not do that to ourselves?? Come on somebody, invent that device, I need it!


  1. How, exactly, do you fast-forward a live TV programme?

  2. I don't know but you can! Can't you???